Population Size and Growth Rate

In the 2010 Census of Population and Housing the total population of Marcos is 16934 with annual growth rate of 0.98%. By year 2028 the projected population will be 20170.

Population Density

Taken in its entirety, the Municipality of Marcos has a gross density of about five (5) persons per hectare which is still a low density. On the average, the urban area has a population density of 2.45 persons per hectare. The rural area on the other hand has an average of 0.61 persons per hectare.

Age-Sex Population

The male is a little bit higher than the female of which 51.64% of the total populations are males while 48.36% are females From the total population of Marcos, 8693 belong to male population of which 8140 belong to female population. There were more males than females with 105:100 or there were 105 males for every 100 females.