Tourism industry is not considered as the source of income of the residents. Because of the limited and underdeveloped tourism facilities in town, the income from tourism is very minimal. Although the town is blessed with natural resources, the development of such tourist spots is still a great need. Promotion of this potential tourist spots is also essential. The town also has limited commercial establishments, accommodation facilities and recreational centers that may cater the need of tourist that will come in town.

Since the town is mostly agricultural, the development of agro-tourism, culinary and, eco-tourism and health and wellness can be made to enhance tourism industry in town.

Lagoon of Simbukel Falls

Experience the Iced-cold lagoon of Simbukel with its strong current of waterfalls

Located at Sitio Karagsakan, Barangay Elizabeth

Sea of Sea of Clouds of Mt. Timmarid

Stunning view on top

Located at Sitio North Kuripat, Barangay Lydia

Simeniora Lagoon

Discover the Hidden Paradise of the old Barangay Cacafean

Our mini Light show

Join us as we light up the biggest Christmas tree in town.  (Every first Friday of December)